Attention Schools!

Life-Saving Products that will Help You Raise More Money and Protect Your Students Too!

In these days of rock-bottom budgets, it's more difficult than ever to come up with the money you need to run your school effectively and offer the programs and opportunities your students deserve.

Especially when the people in your community are still suffering from the tough economy and from "donor fatigue" as a greater number of non-profit organizations turn to the public for greater support.

...And on top of that, parents are tired of buying overpriced fundraising items such that don't offer any lasting usefulness.

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Why Not Offer Something Different that Can Protect their Children's Lives?

According to US National Safety Council, vehicle collisions are the single biggest cause of death for children aged 5-14.

...And almost 20% of those child fatalities are pedestrians.

The tragic thing is, many of these deaths could have been prevented if the children had been wearing proper safety reflectors. Studies show that your chances of being hit by a car go up 1100% after dark. That's because it's so hard for drivers to see pedestrians on the road ahead in conditions of reduced visibility.

Kids in Cities at the Greatest Risk

protect-the-people-you-care-about.jpgContrary to what you might think, children are most in danger of being hit by a car in urban environments, not only in rural areas where there are fewer streetlights. In fact, traffic collision statistics clearly show that most injuries a higher percentage of pedestrian injuries and fatalities occur on well-lit city streets.

Just because there are street lights, that doesn't mean drivers can see you. Weather conditions such as fog and rain can drastically reduce your visibility. And slick roads make it harder for drivers to stop their vehicles quickly, increasing the distance they need to avoid hitting a pedestrian by two to four times.