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Are you searching for promotional products that will help you stand out from the crowd and generate more money for your business or organization?

If so, look no further...

Our promotional products do far more than simply display your logo -- they actively help save lives as they are actual safety items! These products are a great way to say "thank you" to your customers and donors and show them how much you care about their personal safety. And when you show an entire community that you are committed to their well being, they will reward you by showing greater loyalty to your business or organization.

Why Are These Products So Important?

Every eight minutes, a pedestrian is injured in a motor vehicle crash. Every 101 minutes, a pedestrian is killed in a motor vehicle crash. That works out to more than 70,000 injuries and 5,000 fatalities each year. The majority of pedestrian-related crashes occur at night, when a driver's visibility is severely reduced. In fact, according to the US National Safety Council, the chances of being struck and killed as a pedestrian increase by 1100% once the sun goes down. Part of the answer is certified safety reflectors, not swag reflectors as there is a really big difference!

Custom imprinted soft film or hard prism promotional reflectors make an amazing and fun statement about your company or organization! Custom shape? No problem with soft reflective film!


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Customization Without Compromise


We're going to be blunt: The vast majority of promotional reflectors out there are almost completely ineffective. Not only do they offer poor reflectivity, that reflectivity is compromised even further by the way they imprint their clients' logos on their products.
Often the logo takes up too much of the surface area of the reflector-or it's printed right on top of the reflective surface instead of underneath it. At C-Me Pedestrian Reflectors, we make sure that your logo is as visible as possible without negatively impacting the product's reflectivity. On our hard reflectors, the logo will never take up more 1/3 of the reflective surface area. And with our soft reflectors, the logo is ingeniously imprinted beneath the reflective surface so that it gets your message across without reducing visibility at all. So if you want to share the gift of safety with your customers, clients, and donors, please consider using C-Me's powerful reflectors as your next promotional item. It's an unforgettable way to show people you care.
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If you would like to know more about the benefits of giving away promotional safety reflectors, please contact us. We'll be happy to tell you about our inexpensive bulk purchasing options - Plus, if you send us your logo as well as the name of the reflectors that you like best, we'll give you a FREE online visual of what your logo will look like imprinted on that reflectors.

Urban Pedestrians At The Greatest Risk

man-and-dog-sharpened.jpgContrary to what you might think, pedestrians are most at danger in urban environments, not only in rural areas where there are fewer streetlights. In fact, traffic collision statistics clearly show that a higher percentage of pedestrian injuries and fatalities occur on well-lit city streets.

Just because there are street lights, that doesn't mean drivers can see you. Weather conditions such as fog and rain can drastically reduce your visibility. Slick roads make it harder for drivers to stop their vehicles quickly, increasing the distance they need to avoid hitting a pedestrian by two to four times. Studies have shown that wearing a quality two- or three-inch pedestrian safety reflector can reduce your chances of being struck by a car by more than 50%.

In fact, in Scandinavian countries such as Sweden and Finland, where pedestrians have worn safety reflectors as a matter of course, they experience less than half the number of pedestrian injuries or deaths per capita that we do here in North America.

So when you give people pedestrian safety reflectors imprinted with your logo, not only are you promoting your business in a fun and original way-you're also helping to lower the number of unnecessary pedestrian injuries and deaths in this country.

And when you make that kind of bold and unforgettable statement about how much you care about the community's well being, your customers and donors love you even more.


funflector is a premium brand of Scandinavian style soft safety reflectors, designed for pedestrians, runners and bicyclists. The reflectors are manufactured in the US by an environmentally and socially responsible company, founded by a Swedish immigrant.

With a unique combination of design and safety, funflector pedestrian safety reflectors are ideal impulse items in shops of all kinds. Our reflectors are available wholesale and suitable for gift shops, bookshops, museum shops, sport stores, and even coffee shops to name a few.

We offer superior visibility without compromising style. Our creative designers are passionate about creating reflectors for everyone at every walk of life. funflector reflectors can be hung on baby strollers, bags, backpacks, jackets, senior's walkers and just about anything else you can think of.



funflector safety reflectors are available to resellers as open stock or in prepackaged collections on compact and easy to display hangstrips.

Packaging is fully localized with clear instructions for use and carries the CE-EN13356 mark. View samples of the funflector product in our online store where they are sold individually!














Hello Kitty Hard Prism Safety Reflectors

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