About Our Company

At C-Me Pedestrian Reflectors, Your Safety is Our Passion!

man-and-dog-sharpened.jpgWe are dedicated to your safety, as well as the safety of your loved ones-whether they walk on two feet or four. All of our pedestrian reflectors meet and far exceed the minimum reflectivity requirements necessary for European certification. Unfortunately, there are no standardized safety requirements for reflectors for non-professional use in the U.S. or Canada. SWAG 'reflectors' may be providing a false sence of security...how visible are you really? We always recommend that you ask what the CIL is, if they do not know what this means or what the numbers are, there is a good chance that you are dealing with a toy type of product.

Our hard prism pedestrian reflectors are made in the same factory that make car headlights for top European luxury cars and are dedicated 100% to safety. Make no mistake, these are the most powerful pedestrian reflectors available anywhere in the world. 

Annsofie Haglund is the driving force behind C-Me Pedestrian Reflectors. Growing up in Sweden where 9 out of 10 children under the age of 12 use safety reflectors, it was not hard for Annsofie to see that such an integral and vital component to pedestrian traffic safety was missing in North America. In fact, these reflectors have been used across Scandinavia for over 45 years and have been shown to cut the number of motor vehicle collisions involving a pedestrian in half!. 50% of all adults also wear safety reflectors to make their presence known to the vehicles around them. With such a safety mentality, it is no wonder that Sweden has the lowest traffic accident statistics in the world! 

The fact is that pedestrian death rates are twice as high here in North America as compared to many European countries where the use of safety reflectors is common practice. As quality pedestrian reflectors are basically unknown in Canada and the United States, Annsofie was driven by a passion to make a difference and to get the educational message out. This is why C Me's site provides only certified and safety rated reflectors and why the focus is so heavy on education. The online store makes small quantities available to everyone, while businesses and orther organizations can contact us directly for customized imprinted large volume orders. 

Annsofie created C-Me Pedestrian Reflectors — to help make communities safer and reduce the number of tragic pedestrian injuries and fatalities that occur each year on our roads. Don't let yourself or any of your loved one's be a part of the statistics, Join the BE VISIBLE REVOLUTION!

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As parents and active individuals ourselves, we will always strive to bring you accurate, safety-driven information which will enable you to make educated purchasing decisions when it comes to the safety of your family and your community.

Whether you are purchasing individual reflectors for yourself, your children, parents, or grandchildren, or whether you are making larger wholesale purchases to distribute to your community, you can rest secure in the knowledge that we will always provide you the highest quality and top-certified traffic safety products available.

At C-Me Pedestrian Reflectors, our mission is simple: We want to prevent injury and save lives. We hope you do, too.

To help discover how you can use pedestrian reflectors to protect your loved ones and improve the overall safety of your community, please Contact Us.